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20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box
20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box

20 in 1 Tool-Pocket Tool Box


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  • Clips to anything form your tool box to your belt loop.
  • With the quick release clip, you have anything from a bottle opener to a measuring ruler or nail file.
  • Made with durable Gold titanium coated disc, black stainless steel body and K5 carbon steel blade.
  • 1 small carry tool that can fix just about anything.
  • Convenient, easy to use and no more bulky tool bags taking up space. You can take it anywhere.

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The 20 in 1 Tool offers you convenience, durability and peace of mind without the bulkiness and heavy weight of a tool box. Easy to carry so that you are prepared anywhere, at anytime. Great for camping, work or construction sites. Even great to keep handy in the car and home.  This convenient 20 in 1 Tool includes the following:

1. Quick Release Clip

2. Bottle Opener

3. Nail Cleaner

4. Large Flat Screwdriver

5. Medium Flat Screwdriver

6. Small Flat Eyeglass Screwdriver

7. Medium Phillips Screwdriver

8. Small Phillips Screwdriver

9. 14mm Spanner/Wrench

10. 12mm Spanner/Wrench

11. 10mm Spanner/Wrench

12. 8mm Spanner/Wrench

13. 6mm Spanner/Wrench

14. Bicycle Spoke Wrench

15. Razor Sharp Cutting Blade

16. Wire Stripper

17. Measuring Ruler

18. Box Opener

19. Pry Bar

20. File

Included in your package will be: 

  • Your 20 in 1 tool
  • Leather pouch
  • Instructions on how best to utilize your 20 in 1 tool.


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